Windows Share Copy


Copies a file or files on a Microsoft Windows share to an HDFS directory.

Use Case

This action can be used when a file or files need to be moved from a Windows share to an HDFS directory.


netBiosDomainName: Specifies the NetBios domain name. Default is null. For example: MyDomain. (Macro-enabled)

netBiosHostname: Specifies the NetBios hostname to import files from. For example: (Macro-enabled)

netBiosUsername: Specifies the NetBios username to use when importing files from the Windows share. (Macro-enabled)

netBiosPassword: Specifies the NetBios password to use when importing files from the Windows share. (Macro-enabled)

netBiosSharename: Specifies the NetBios share name. For example: share. (Macro-enabled)

numThreads: Specifies the number of parallel tasks to use when executing the copy operation; defaults to 1. (Macro-enabled)

sourceDirectory: Specifies the NetBios directory or file. For example: source or source/file.log. (Macro-enabled)

destinationDirectory: The valid full HDFS destination path in the same cluster where the file or files are to be moved. If a directory is specified as a destination with a file as the source, the source file will be put into that directory. If the source is a directory, it is assumed that destination is also a directory. This plugin does not check and will not catch any inconsistency. (Macro-enabled)

bufferSize: The size of the buffer to be used for copying the files; minimum (and default) buffer size is 4096; the value should be a multiple of the minimum size. (Macro-enabled)

overwrite: Boolean that specifies if any matching files already present in the destination should be overwritten or not; default is true.


This example copies all the files from to

    "name": "WindowsShareCopy",
    "plugin": {
        "name": "HDFSMove",
        "type": "action",
        "artifact": {
            "name": "core-plugins",
            "version": "1.4.1-SNAPSHOT",
            "scope": "SYSTEM"
        "properties": {
            "netBiosDomainName": "domain",
            "netBiosHostname": "",
            "netBiosUsername": "username",
            "netBiosPassword": "password",
            "netBiosSharename": "share",
            "sourceDirectory": "source",
            "destinationDirectory": "hdfs://",
            "bufferSize": "4096",
            "numThreads": "5"

  • CDAP Pipelines Plugin Type: action
  • CDAP Pipelines Version: 1.7.0