Schema Registry

Schema Registry provides a serving layer for all types of metadata. It provides a RESTful interface for storing and retrieving schemas (AVRO, Protobuf, etc). It stores a versioned history of all schemas,

Schema Information

Field Description
ID Id of the schema as provided by the user.
Name Display name for the schema.
Description User facing description about the schema
Created Date Time in seconds about when the schema was created.
Updated Date Time in seconds about when the schema was last updated.
Version Auto-incremented version of schema. This version is incremented everytime the schema is updated.
Type Type of the schmea, currently supports AVRO and Protobuf-desc
Specification Byte array of the specification of schema


API Method Path Response Description
Create a schema entry PUT /schemas 200 - OK, 500 - Error in backend store Creates an entry in the schema registry. No schema is registred.
Add a schema to schema entry POST /schemas/{id} 200 - OK, 500 - Error adding schema to schema registry Adds a versioned schema to schema registry. POST should use Content-Typ e: applicatio n/octet-strea m
Delete all version of schema DELETE /schemas/{id} 200 - OK, 500 - Error deleting schema Deletes the entire schema entry including all the versions of schema.
Delete a sepecific version of schema DELETE /schemas/{id} /versions/{ve rsion} 200 - OK, 500 - Error deleting a version of schema Deletes a specific version of schema, if schema is not found then a 404 is returned.
GET information about a a version of schema GET /schemas/{id} /versions/{ve rsion} 200 - OK, 500 - Backend error, 404 - Schema id not found Information about schema version and schema entry
GET information about schema entry GET /schemas/{id} 200 - OK, 500 - Error Information about schema entry
List version for schema available GET /schemas/{id} /versions 200 - OK, 500 - Error List the versions of schema.