XPath Directives

The XPATH and XPATH-ARRAY directives navigate the XML elements and attributes of an XML document.


xpath <column> <destination> <xpath>
xpath-array <column> <destination> <xpath>

The <column> is the source XML to be navigated with an XPath.

Usage Notes

The source XML <column> should first have the PARSE-AS-XML directive applied before applying either of the XPATH directives.

Applying the PARSE-AS-XML directive will generate a VTDNav object that you can then apply an XPATH directive on. VTD Nav is a memory-efficient random-access XML parser.

The <destination> specifies the column name to use for storing the results from the XPath navigation. If the XPath does not yield a value, then a null value is written to the column.

The XPATH-ARRAY directive should be used when the XPath could result in multiple values. The resulting <destination> value is a JSON array of all the matches for the XPath.