Trimming Spaces

The TRIM, LTRIM, and RTRIM directives trim whitespace from both sides, left side or right side of a string values they are applied to.


trim <column>
ltrim <column>
rtrim <column>

The directive performs an in-place trimming of space in the value specified by the <column>


The trim directives honors UNICODE space characters. Following are the characters that are recognized as spaces by TRIM, LTRIM and RTRIM.

Character Description
t Character tabulation
n Line Feed (LF)
u000B Line Tabulation
f Form Feed (FF)
r Carriage Return (CR)
" " Space
u0085 Next line (NEL)
u00A0 No Break Space
u1680 OGHAM Space Mark
u180E Mongolian Vowel Separator
u2000 EN Quad
u2001 EM Quad
u2002 EN Space
u2003 EM Space
u2004 Three Per EM space
u2005 Four Per EM space
u2006 Six Per EM space
u2007 Figure Space
u2008 Puncatuation Space
u2009 Thin Space
u200A Hair Space
u2028 Line Separator
u2029 Paragraph Separator
u202F Narrow No-Break Space
u205F Medium Mathematical Space
u3000 Ideographic Space


Using this record as an example:

  "id": 1,
  "gender": "    male    ",
  "fname": "    Root    ",
  "lname": "   JOLTIE   ",
  "address": "    67 MARS AVE, MARSCIty, Marsville, Mars"

Applying these directives

trim gender
ltrim fname
rtrim lname
ltrim address

would result in this record:

  "id": 1,
  "gender": "male",
  "fname": "Root    ",
  "lname": "   JOLTIE",
  "address": "67 MARS AVE, MARSCIty, Marsville, Mars"