Table Lookup

The TABLE-LOOKUP directive performs lookups into Table datasets.


table-lookup <column> <table>
  • <column> is an existing column that exists in both the current records and the table
  • <table> is a Table Dataset that has a column named by <column>

Usage Notes

The TABLE-LOOKUP directive uses a column as the lookup key into a specified Table dataset for each record. The column should be of type string. The values in the row of the Table will be parsed as strings and placed in the record in new columns, the names constructed from combining the lookup key and the row column name with an underscore.


This example represents a lookup into the customerTable dataset of type Table, where the record's field name customerUserId will be used as the lookup key.

Suppose that this data is in the Table customerTable:

CustomerUserId City
bobistheman Palo Alto, CA
joe1984 Los Angeles, CA
randomUserqwerty New York City, NY

If the input records to the directive are:

CustomerUserId Product Quantity
bobistheman Apples 10
joe1984 Bicycle 1

Applying this directive:

table-lookup customerUserId customerTable

would result in these output records:

CustomerUserId Product Quantity CustomerUserId_City
bobistheman Apples 10 Palo Alto, CA
joe1984 Bicycle 1 Los Angeles, CA