Parse XML to JSON

The PARSE-XML-TO-JSON directive parses an XML document into a JSON structure. The directive operates on an input column of type string. Application of this directive transforms the XML into a JSON document, simplifying further parsing using the PARSE-AS-JSON directive.


parse-xml-to-json <column-name> [<depth>]
  • <column-name> is the name of the column in the record that is an XML document.
  • <depth> indicates the depth at which the XML document parsing should terminate processing.

Usage Notes

The PARSE-XML-TO-JSON directive efficiently parses an XML document and presents it as a JSON object for further transformation.

The XML document contains elements, attributes, and content text. A sequence of similar elements is turned into a JSON array, which can then be further parsed using the PARSE-AS-JSON directive.

During parsing, comments, prologs, DTDs, and <[[ ]]> notations are ignored.