Columns Replace

The COLUMNS-REPLACE directive alters column names in bulk.


columns-replace <sed-expression>

The <sed-expression> specifies the sed expression syntax, such as s/data_//g.


Using this record as an example, these columns all have data_ as a prefix in their column names:

  "data_name": "root",
  "data_first_name": "mars",
  "data_last_name": "joltie",
  "data_data_id": 1,
  "data_address": "150 Mars Ave, Mars City, Mars, 8899898",
  "mars_ssn": "MARS-456282"

Applying this directive:

columns-replace s/^data_//g

would result in the record having any column names that were prefixed with data_ replaced with an empty string:

  "name": "root",
  "first_name": "mars",
  "last_name": "joltie",
  "data_id": 1,
  "address": "150 Mars Ave, Mars City, Mars, 8899898",
  "mars_ssn": "MARS-456282"

Note: The field value is untouched during this directive. This operates only on the column names.