CDAP ODBC Drivers enable integration with Windows-based applications that support an ODBC interface, allowing access to CDAP Datasets. CDAP provides ODBC drivers that support both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

ODBC Driver Version CDAP Versions
Windows 32-bit driver CDAP 3.4 and higher
Windows 64-bit driver CDAP 3.4 and higher


The ODBC drivers can be downloaded from these locations:

After downloading the appropriate msi installer for your operating system and starting it, follow the prompts to install the driver:


System restart will be required after the installation is successful for the drivers to load:


Once the driver is installed, data sources with either CDAP Datasets 32-bit or CDAP Datasets 64-bit will be created.

Accessing CDAP Datasets from Microsoft Excel

CDAP Datasets can be accessed via the Microsoft Query Wizard in Microsoft Excel. To access the datasets in a given namespace and to run queries against them, follow these steps:

  1. From the Data Tab of Microsoft Excel, click on Get External Data -> From Other Sources -> From Microsoft Query:

  2. In the next dialog box, enter the CDAP router hostname, port, auth token (if perimeter security is enabled; optional) and the CDAP namespace:

  3. Click on Options and ensure the Tables is checked:

  4. A list of CDAP datasets and streams will be displayed in the next dialog; choose the tables to be queried:

  5. Choose either the columns to be fetched or to run a SQL query to fetch the data:


Accessing CDAP Datasets from Tableau

Interactive data analytics can be performed on CDAP Datasets using Tableau software by accessing the data with the CDAP ODBC driver. To use ODBC drivers on Tableau, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Other Databases (ODBC) option as the method to connect to the CDAP server:

  2. Choose the correct version of the ODBC driver in the DSN radio button:

  3. Provide CDAP router host, port, auth token (if perimeter security is enabled in CDAP; optional) and the CDAP namespace:

  4. Look for the CDAP datasets using the Search option provided by Tableau:

  5. Choose the desired table and column and click on the Update Now button to see the data for a particular dataset:

    _images/odbc-12.png _images/odbc-13.png