Transaction Service HTTP RESTful API

Use the CDAP Transaction Service HTTP RESTful API to access selected internals of the CDAP Transaction Service that are exposed via endpoints.

Additional details are found in the Developer Manual: Transaction System.

All methods or endpoints described in this API have a base URL (typically http://<host>:11015 or https://<host>:10443) that precedes the resource identifier, as described in the RESTful API Conventions. These methods return a status code, as listed in the RESTful API Status Codes.

Number of Invalid Transactions

To retrieve the number of invalid transactions in the system, issue an HTTP GET request:

GET /v3/transactions/invalid/size

The response is a JSON string, with the integer number of invalid transactions as <size>:

{ "size": <size> }

Truncate Invalid Transactions by Time

To truncate invalid transactions before a specific time, issue an HTTP POST request:

POST /v3/transactions/invalid/remove/until

with the timestamp in milliseconds (<timestamp-ms>) as a JSON string in the body:

{ "time" : <timestamp-ms> }

Note: Since improperly removing invalid transactions may result in data inconsistency, please refer to Transaction Service Maintenance for proper usage.